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About Us

EvergreenBound.com is an affiliate of Communities Bound, LLC, a national network of community websites designed to provide a platform for local information, discussion, and unique access to the local business community. We have a variety of forums where members may speak freely and with minimal moderation on a variety of topics as well as find updates on local events, weather and traffic unique to our area. We not only encourage, but are reliant, on members' active participation and the ultimate goal is that it is not only a valuable community resource, but that it is fun for everyone involved.

As a part of the larger Communities Bound network, we have the opportunity to connect with other communities around the country. This connection and visibility can only benefit our local economy as we become the go-to visitors guide for the area. Our goal is to portray Evergreen Colorado with the quality image our mountain community has earned and to welcome Evergreen visitors, both virtual and actual, from a wide geographic area including Clear Creek and Jeffco residents along with members of the I-70 corridor .  We aim to support our local business partners by giving them an active voice in the community, not just a traditional advertising opportunity.

This is a site for and about its members, and as such we value your input and suggestions. Please contact us at ContactUs@EvergreenBound.com anytime with your thoughts on how we can continue to improve and grow.